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Unarmed In-Service Renewal Training - 01I

If you’re an unarmed security professional looking for a certified license renewal program you can trust, turn to one of our five Virginia security training centers. We’ve got years of experience in getting you licensed without a huge time commitment or a big hassle.

The state of Virginia requires all unarmed security guards to renew their license annually to ensure each officer stays up to date on current security procedures. Our highly trained instructors work hard to keep you current on the latest tactical techniques and any changes in Virginia security law so you don’t have to worry about being left behind.

Our 4-hour unarmed security guard license renewal class is designed to be completed in one day and centers around professional classroom instruction. You’ll get refreshers and updates on subjects like legal authority and job-specific issues and leave feeling better prepared to get back in the field. It’s important to us that you leave our renewal program not only legally certified by the state of Virginia but better trained than you came in.

License Renewal Has Never Been Easier

If making time for a license renewal class has been an issue in the past, check out the extensive class offerings we’ve got available right now. Our class schedules are varied to work with your busy life and prices are kept low enough to help you stay legal. Whether you’re getting ahead of the curve by renewing your license on your own or your employer requires you renew it at a mandated time, we’ve got you covered.

Unarmed security guards in Virginia have to be prepared for all types of situations and staying licensed is a great way to ensure you won’t be surprised. There are changes to the penal code and to tactical training techniques each and every year so be sure to stay on top of the security game by maintaining your certification. Most employers as well as the state of Virginia require you keep you license up to date by penalty of law so sign up now to avoid any professional hurdles in the future.

Stay on top of your security career by renewing your Virginia unarmed guard license today at one of our professional training centers. Class seating is limited and this is one of our more popular courses so call now to save a spot to ensure your license is renewed exactly when you need it to be.

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